The timing and approach to record notices of liens are crucial in the construction business. Nevada revised statute 108 explains how and when these should be done. Here you can find a basic Mechanics’ lien timeline with the five most important steps of action:

  1. Serve Notice of Right to Lien (Preliminary Notice)– Within 31 days of first supplying labor and/or materials (NRS 108.245)
  2. For residential projects, a 15-day Notice of Intent to Lien must be served on the owner before recording a Notice of Lien (NRS 108.226(6))
  3. Record Notice of Lien (Mechanic’s Lien)– Within 90 days of last supplying labor and/or materials or within 40 days after recording of valid notice of completion (NRS 108.226)
  4. Properly Serve Lien on owner and prime contractor – Within 30 days of recording lien (NRS 108.227)
  5. File lawsuit to enforce Lien– Within 6 months of recording Notice of Lien (NRS 108.239)