In many ways, the state licensing board has all of the power. If you are a construction contractor, you need your contractor’s license to perform your job legally. Without that license, you would simply not be able to continue your career. As a contractor, you need to make sure you handle the initial application procedure carefully and deal with licensing board disciplinary action appropriately.

Our Las Vegas contractors licensing board lawyers represent contractors in Nevada and Utah and throughout the western states in state licensing board matters. Since Faux Law Group’s founding in 1995, we have built a strong reputation for providing client-centered representation focused on finding and implementing the solutions our clients need.

Licensing Applications

You cannot begin your work as a contractor without first obtaining the proper licensing from the state licensing board. The state licensing boards have their own application processes, with strict timelines and procedures. Our experienced, knowledgeable attorneys can help you through every stage of the licensing process so your application is approved.

State Contractor Licensing Board Disciplinary Actions

Once you have obtained your license and begun your contracting business, there is much more at stake than when you first applied for your license. It is more important than ever at this point to make sure you are in good standing with your state’s licensing board.

We represent contractors who have received citations, fines, and other sanctions from the contractor licensing board. We represent clients in all stages of the board’s disciplinary procedures, from initial investigations through all the necessary filings and hearings, all the way to final resolutions. Our lawyers have thorough knowledge of the strict timelines and procedures involved with responding to licensing board disciplinary actions. We know your rights and the options available to you, and we will do everything to protect you and your business.

Contact A Contractor Licensing Attorney

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