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Mechanics’ liens help contractors and other parties pursue payment for services provided and for value added to property by allowing them to lay claim to an interest in real property when payment is not received.

In the simplest mechanics’ lien cases, builders and homeowners simply refuse to or are unable to pay contractors and subcontractors for services rendered. Complex situations and disputes are also common. Questions can arise regarding in mechanics’ lien cases involving:

  • What were the actual services that the partied agreed upon?
  • Did the builder or homeowner make any payments?
  • Did the contractor or subcontractor receive any payments?
  • If there are multiple subcontractors working under one general contractor, who should be paid for the services?

If you or your firm faces a  mechanics’ lien law dispute, contact The Faux Law Group. We have handled hundreds of  mechanics’ lien, surety and construction law legal matters and are fully experienced at pursuing the optimum resolution of your  mechanics’ lien claim.

Representing Clients across the West in Mechanics’ Lien Disputes

The construction law attorneys of The Faux Law Group have successfully handled hundreds of mechanics’ lien claims since opening our firm in 1995, and we have also handled construction law disputes involving breaches of contract, collections, surety bonds and construction-related bankruptcy.

We represent contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and property owners in mechanics’ lien disputes involving both private and commercial property and projects. We represent both small and large plaintiffs and defendants, and past and current clients include major Las Vegas hotels, retention basins, airports, air force bases and builders’ associations.


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