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Injury claims for accidents resulting from dangerous private and public premises and from defective products often go unfiled or unpursued. Individuals injured in these types of accidents are commonly confused about how to file a claim and are unsure who would be liable.

If you have been injured due to product liability or unsafe premises, the lawyer s of The Faux Law Group can provide answers to your important questions and can provide you with full legal representation to ensure you receive the financial award you deserve.

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Premises liability and product liability accidents can occur in a broad range of circumstances.Frequent accident scenarios include :

  • Slip and fall accidents in grocery stores and other retailers
  • Dog bites on private property
  • Stairway and hallway accidents in apartment buildings and other private property
  • Accidents or assaults occurring as a result of inadequate lighting
  • Poorly designed consumer products, malfunctioning products and products that operate even when product security features are not engaged
  • Casino injuries, including dangerous public spaces and floor surfaces, inadequate security and the mistreatment of customers by security agents

Unsafe consumer products often include power tools, home improvement items, vehicles and medications with inadequate warnings and instructions.

In addition to representing injured plaintiffs, The Faux Law Group represents firms involved insubrogation claims. If you represent an insurance company that has settled an injury claim and wishes to pursue damages against a manufacturer, supplier or other party, we can provide experienced representation for you.

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