The Faux Law Group has handled thousands of surety claims in Nevada, Utah, across the western states and Guam. Our attorneys are skilled in resolving distressed public and private construction projects through takeover agreements, completion contracts and other avenues. The Faux Law Group has represented sureties in resolving subdivision claims throughout Nevada, Utah and California. The Faux Law Group also represents sureties in resolving Miller Act, Little Miller Act, and private payment bond claims through negotiation or litigation.

Claims regarding license bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds, lien release bonds, appeal bonds, and other miscellaneous bonds are addressed on a daily basis. The Faux Law Group remains vigilant in keeping current with any legislative and case law decisions affecting suretyship to ensure the latest information is available to our Clients.

You can trust that we have the experience to handle your surety claim, whether it involves a single-family home dispute or a dispute involving complex buildings, hotels or public works. We have represented sureties in matters involving the Hoover Dam, major hotels, airports, military bases, highways, and many other public and private projects. We have argued surety cases before the Nevada Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and Tenth Circuit, and our attorneys have a record of published decisions regarding surety law issues.


Our experience includes representing surety bond companies, contractors, subcontractors, property owners and builders in matters involving:

  • Surety bond claims involving defaults of bonded contractors on simultaneous, multiple projects in multiple jurisdictions and courts
  • Claims across state lines
  • Claims involving projects such as airports, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, high-rise luxury condominiums, hotels, subdivisions, landscaping, parking structures, detentions basins, water purification facilities, highways, prisons, residential homes, recreational facilities, sidewalks, streets, wells and swimming pools
  • Contractor license bond claims
  • Payment bond claims
  • Performance bond claims
  • Indemnity Claims


Our attorneys have successfully protected the rights and interests of both large and vital companies and organizations. Some of our projects include:

  • Hoover Dam
  • Nellis Air Force Base
  • Volcano at the Mirage Hotel and Casino
  • MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  • McCarran International Airport
  • Clark County School District
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Local water districts
  • Local and regional builder’s associations
  • Surety and insurance companies


We encourage you to contact one of our offices with questions regarding surety law in Nevada, Henderson, or North Las Vegas. Call our Las Vegas, Nevada surety attorneys at 702-458-5794 , or our Las Vegas, Henderson surety attorneys at 801-872-9115  to schedule a consultation.


Sureties bond many public work, subdivision and private development projects. Sureties also bond other businesses such as automobile dealerships, consumer credit counseling companies, probate and notaries. They help ensure that these entities properly perform their statutory and contractual duties.

Significant legal and factual issues arise when the bonded contractor fails to perform. Additionally, surety bond disputes arise when a party fails to pay its subcontractors or suppliers. Immediate and knowledgeable attention in dealing with such issues is absolutely critical.

Surety agreements are formulated to protect the project owner by ensuring that a construction project is completed according to the terms of a contract and that the contractor pays the subcontractors and suppliers appropriately. They typically account for a number of possible contingencies. However, even the most carefully drafted documents can fail to foresee all the possible developments during a construction project and to clearly delineate legal responsibility to all involved parties. These gaps in the agreement can lead to complex surety bond disputes involving significant amounts of money.