Since 1996, Faux Law Group has helped businesses resolve their legal issues. Our attorneys are licensed in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and California. If you'd like to learn about how an attorney can help your business, check out our free resources, or contact us for more information.

    Our General Legal Counseling services allow us to take a holistic approach in protecting your business. Our general counseling plans allow us to proactively evaluate legal issues in your business while we address specific issues as they arise.

    Most businesses obtain lawyers to address specific issues as they arise. It may be a business dispute or lawsuit, a need to have a contract reviewed, or a regulatory issue. If you have a specific issue you'd like to address, we can help.
  • Construction is a heavily regulated industry. In theory, that's a good thing because the regulations should help establish standards of quality and safety. In practice, it can make managing your business complicated. The Faux Law Group helps construction businesses deal with these complications as well as the day-to-day legal issues that may arise.
  • Real Property
    If you manage or invest in property, there are many legal issues that can arise. The landlord-tenant relationship can sometimes become strained. When you need legal assistance to protect your property, Faux Law Group can help.
  • Small Business
    As a small business ourselves, we're right there with you. We're huge fans of small business! Faux Law Group is a sponsor of Small Business Stories, a podcast where business owners share how they got started, overcame challenges, and found success. Small Business Stories is hosted by Leland Faux.

    Some 70% of family-owned businesses fail or are sold before the second generation gets a chance to take over. Just 10% remain active, privately held companies for the third generation to lead. (source) In sum, dealing with a family business is full of challenges. We know because we are one. If you are a family business who needs help, we understand where you're coming from.
  • Surety/Insurance
    The primary objective in any surety claim is the recovery of funds or the avoidance of fund outlays. Faux Law Group has handled hundreds of complex surety claims in Nevada, Henderson, North Las Vegas and across the western states. Our attorneys are skilled in protecting the assets of all parties in surety disputes; fighting to help both you and your firm recover and retain funds.

We are attorneys for your business, but we know our clients have legal needs beyond the issues that impact their businesses. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in dealing with any legal issues that arise. If we are your attorneys, we want to make sure all your legal needs are addressed.

  • Health Care
  • Auto accidents and personal injury
  • Premises liability and defective products
  • Family Law
  • Collections
  • Insurance coverage and defense


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